Black Exodus - Keeping your Android Black and Sexy

It's no secret that I love my phone to have an all black UI. You know it, I know it, even the dog next door barking at night keeping you awake, causing you to wake up in a murderous rage knows it.

Thanks to the Developer Nitroz aka +Kurt Colbeck , we have a magnificent theme called Black Exodus to add with your inverted apps to complete the look.

Assuming you're Android savvy, you should probably know that using themes such as these will require you to have Root Access and using a compatible rom such as CM10 or AOKP that has the theme chooser built in.

Black Exodus goes beyond a simple UI themed experience, it also turns your SMS, Calendar, Google Talk and Google Play Store to match the black stylish theme. After applying this theme, all you have left to do is fill in the blanks with your inverted 3rd party apps and some additional inverted Google Apps which I listed in a previous article called, "Make your Android more sexy with inverted apps".

So if you're in to the all black experience like I am, I encourage you to checkout the Black Exodus Theme.
If you're running low on funds, or you're simply a cheap bugger, you can find the Free Version Here. Just note that the Donate Version updates more quickly than the other as a reward for your monetary support.