Apple to lose the "pinch to zoom" patent?

This is awesome.  I can't tell you how elated I would be for this to be finalized.

It's been decided in a preliminary ruling that Apple's patent of 'pinch to zoom' is no longer a 'valid patent'.  This is cool for 2 reasons:
  1. Somebody's looking at the dumb patents that have been granted and trying to do away with such sillyness
  2. Apple has banked a lot on that patent to help try to block Android -- like the $1billion dollar trial.
What does this mean?  Well, first off it means that Apple's going to get legally super active as they move to have the preliminary ruling overturned....or object, or appeal... whatever the legalese term is.  Secondly, that means that some of their cases (if this becomes permanent) may get overturned.  Like the big billion dollar trial, most of what they said was patented/infringed was that pinch to zoom idea.

I also hope the media / public backlash on this continues for Apple - stop being so 'legally uppity'.  It makes you look bad to get patents for wishy-washy, vague ideas and then try to sue everyone into the stone age because they "stole" some of your marketshare.

Apple... if you want to lead (and if you look at them early on in their company's career, they didn't want to lead, they just wanted to be good), then make good products.  Back it up with good service.  Don't be a dick!

Groklaw - Apple's Pinch to Zoom Patent Preliminarily Invalidated by USPTO ~pj