All About AC

So Android Coliseum came about ... late 2011 (had to think there).  Tom Gray and I had been writing for another site for a few years, building a big following and thought why not do it on our own as the owner of that past site wasn't really investing in developing it.

We had a few strong 'followers' at the time, and we launched Android Coliseum (naming thanks to Sylvain, who not only liked the idea of our 'app arena' - but thought we should ensure that people know it's a Canadian site by having the French spelling of the colosseum.

We've had some great contributors and partners with the site for many years.

Thanks to Tom Gray, Cass Morrison, Sylvain LeBourhis, Mark Lastiwka, Martin Guay and a host of others I'm totally biffing on.

Looking forward to engaging with all our readers.  We're an open book here, send us a message and we'll respond.  We're a site that was written for Android Enthusiasts, by Android Enthusiasts... none of us are journalists or have a degree and modern literature.  We're the everyday user and we hope that resonates with you.