Google's announced an event - Aug 13

So, it's about that time to start gearing up for fall... (really, already? my kid is just finishing his final exams and readying for summer).

Fall means a new Pixel to those of us in the phone loving realms.  Now, they haven't said anything about a new Pixel, but Google just announced an event.

Sort of.

So, reading between the lines... well, lines as in Roman Numerals

you can see it's 8 13 2024 which is obvioiusly a date.  And you don't post a date unless it's to tell you something is happening on it (in the future).  So what could it be?

Last year's "Made by Google" was October ... is it going to be 2 months earlier this year?  Dead of summer?

Guess we don't have that much time to wait to find out.

And now they've teased the Pixel (you can just make out the new design of the 'camera visor')