[update]Smart Compose is now available on the Google Messages (for my Pixel 8)

[Update 5/1/2024 - Google labs giveth, and Google labs taketh away - almost the day after I posted, an update to the Messages app happened and the feature went away... sniff... tells us it's goin to be soon]

I am just loving the AI life... I don't know about you (some people on one of my boards are saying I use it a bit too much tho').

For me, I'm a Google fan, so as much as Facebook has their Meta AI, OpenAI has ChatGPT, I'm loving using Gemini.  It isn't the 'best' (funny how it typically gets Google Sheets formulae wrong, where ChatGPT nails it), but it's what I like.

Recently, we got the website available to us, we then got it in Messages, and over last weekend got it as an app and can replace our Google Assistant.

Today, I noticed now that my Pixel 8 now has the 'Magic Compose' in my Messages app, so I can have it help me write text messages.  not have a chat with it in the app or its message chain to copy/paste over... literally just in the text message I'm in, have it give me those prompts or rewrites.

Loving this!

This was a feature that was to be the Pixel 8 Pro only, but now it's in my Pixel 8 (non-Pro).