Behold the Pixel 7a - not much sacrificed

Google's I/O today lifted the veil off of the Pixel 7a.  It was expected.  And there were rumours, and you know me I've steered usually away from rumours and prefer to be surprised when something is announced.

Surprised I was.  

Upon unboxing my device, I started to realize... normally the 'a' series devices comes with compromises in order to save you some money.  Not any more.

This 7a has the same guts as the 7 (chip, ram, storage), the camera may not have the same 1.2um but it's a 1.0um sensor.  No noticeable difference.

But, the coupe de grace is that it comes with Qi built in.  For me, in the past that was the deal breaker.

Here is an 'economy' priced phone with all the bells and whistles of a full blown flagship.  

It's hardly smaller than the 7... what's the tradeoff?  It seems very minimal for the savings.  Sorry 7... I think your days on the shelf are now numbered.

And that case!