Canada not getting the new Google Wallet? APKMirror to the rescue

I love Canada.  I really do, but it's a real PITA when we get treated like that red-headed stepchild for Google things.

We never get the attention we deserve.

So when I saw back at IO that there was going to be the new Google Pay ... transforming (back) into Google Wallet, I just knew we'd never see it.

I started to see folks in the US already say the update had come out and they were getting the app change, but sadly, my Play Store never got the notice to update.

Then, it's APKMirror to the rescue.  Sites like APKMirror are trusted (at least by me) to have extracted APKs.  APK is the 'executable' android app file type.

Go to the site, download the .apk file for Google Wallet and then you can install it (you may need to turn on the permissions for Chrome to run an installer file).

Then, I'm like the US folks and have the brand new Google Wallet.

Not much different from the old, but I hate being left out.

Now, just for me to bother the heck out of TD to see why we can't use Google Pay with my TD credit card (I could use it for Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, but it's one of the few hold outs still).