Using the Home app with the Nest Doorbell (wireless)

This wireless doorbell has been great.  It's just been a smidge over 3 weeks in place and it's still saying 24% left to go (saying 1 week).  It was 80% when I put it on... back of the envelope math is about 2.5% per day.

Your mileage might vary depending on how much activity you have.

The wireless model isn't always recording (hence not always burning battery), and only does so when it notices activity (an 'event') for it to record.

Without a subscription it's only got about 3 hours worth of history for it to upload to the cloud.  For $80/yr or $8/month you can get 30 days worth of 'event history'.

Now the other thing is that compared to the older Nest Hello, now called the Nest Doorbell (wired), you control / set up the Nest Doorbell (wireless) with the Home app.

Here's how that looks