Stream in Canada? Roku is the Top platform

Chances are if you're streaming in Canada (and who isn't these days when it's FREEZING cold and are in some lockdowns) you're doing so while using Roku.

Roku has been not only a favourite for a few of our family, but it's also they're putting the platform right into the TV so it's even easier for folks.

What do you stream?  What services are you into?  Are you on Roku?

Roku is Canada’s #1 TV Streaming Platform

Recent Hypothesis Group study shows Canadian consumers streamed more on Roku than any other TV platform

TORONTO, ON, January 27, 2022- Roku, Inc. today announced that it is the #1 TV streaming platform in Canada, based on hours streamed, according to a recent study conducted by the Hypothesis Group. The news of Roku’s top position for Canadian TV streamers, follows a 2021 that included the successful expansion of the company’s original content lineup and the release of new streaming players and Roku TV models, with a focus on ease of use for consumers.

"We are proud to lead the Canadian TV streaming market.  The Roku brand is growing in Canada with introductions to new streaming devices, original content, and new Canadian entertainment with partners like CBC, Global News, and Crave,” said Arthur van Rest, VP International at Roku. “Providing simplicity, entertainment, and value is clearly resonating with Canadian consumers, who are choosing our platform to stream TV”.

The study, conducted by the Hypothesis Group among 2510 survey respondents in October 2021, found that Roku is the #1 TV Streaming Platform in Canada, based on hours streamed.

Additionally, according to Roku’s The Decade of Streaming survey*, streaming remains prevalent in Canada with 4 in 5 Canadians classifying themselves as TV streamers.

Canadian Roku users are streaming a wide variety of entertainment on the Roku platform, which provides consumers access to thousands of free and paid streaming channels.

In 2021, the Top 10 searched TV and movies included:

Top Ten TV Searches

1.     Yellowstone

2.     TSN Originals

3.     CBC Tokyo 2020 Replay

4.     Rick and Morty

5.     Paw Patrol

6.     Grey’s Anatomy

7.     Game of Thrones

8.     South Park

9.     Friends

10.  CBC News Live


Top Ten Movie Searches

1.     National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

2.     Elf

3.     Home Alone

4.     The Boss Baby: Family Business

5.     Venom: Let There Be Carnage

6.     A Christmas Story

7.     Space Jam: A New Legacy

8.     Paw Patrol: The Movie

9.     Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

10.  Christmas with the Kranks