iRobot's got some deals to help you clean up after your holidays

Just in time for boxing day, iRobot has some new deals on their cleaners: Boxing Day Deals: 

·       $200 off Roomba s SeriesRoomba j Series and Roomba i3+

·       $100 off Roomba i3 and Braava jet m6

·       $70 off Roomba 694

I gotta say, our Spot is turning 1 year old and he's been a godsend for us.  If you're at all thinking about getting into the robotic cleaners, the Roomba is the way to do it, and these prices are awesome.  The new J series would probably be my suggestion as it's smarter and can avoid things like cords (which might be good if we're all heading back to the home offices in the new  year).