My Initial Thoughts on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021)

Hey everybody, it's been a few days since unboxing and I've had time to read through a book and give you my quick initial thoughts and impressions on it before I give the full review.

So, as I found, this is definitely something that is new ground for me.  It's a single type use device, so you have to focus that it can't do everything that my phone does, because, well... it's not my phone.

It doesn't have the resolution of my phone, it doesn't have the refresh rate of my phone, but it's shows me the pages I want to read and it does so with just an inconceivable amount of battery that it's as though I'm just reading a book.

It's super light, but that pairs with its somewhat lower quality plastic feel.  The front screen even has a tiny little nick in it... hardly noticeable except to a guy like me.

The main point of the device is to read books, and if you're a guy who lives in that Amazon realm, then it's super seamless to work with.  

But, if you're like me and have books from a variety of sources, it's not as straight forward.

To get my files on the device, I would have a couple options, connect it by USB to a computer and drag and drop files, but you had to make sure to put them in the right folder in order for it to appear.

There's an option to email it to your device (you have to find the special email address for your device), and then you have to make sure that your email address is safe to send it over (that took em a few Google searches to find out).

I just wish it was an easier cloud service like a certain Book service I normally use.  Any file uploaded is seen everywhere. You can't do that  with ethe Amazon service.

I'll play a little bit more and see what I can learn and give you a full review in a bit.