Checking out some nostalgia of DOOM on Stadia

Man, I really got into some real gaming back in the days of Doom.  Learning to load my PC into like that low memory mode so I can actually run the game.  Loading custom made WAD files.

So much fun.

Well, on Stadia we have Doom, and today I'm playing not the latest in the series, but the 2016 version (I believe).

So much fun.  Run around shooting like crazy... strafing as normal, but even better way more gory than it used to be.  Nearly kill a baddie and they flash which means you can go in for a gory kill.

And, of course, there's a chainsaw!  

It adds a bit of a RPG style to it with skill points as you progress (yeah, having only a couple uses of the chainsaw is a pain, I'd want to upgrade that quickly).

You should relive some of your gaming youth and check this out!