Unboxing the new Nest Audio speaker

Having only had a chance to play with it for just a bit, I have to say that I'm already impressed.

Here's my quick unboxing of it.

Now, I have to rejig my office a little bit, and I'm hoping that I can set both that I have up as stereo speakers for my Pixelbook for stereo speakers.  Or I could set it up on the downstairs den's TV, but we have a soundbar.  

I have to find the RIGHT placing for me.  And then I'll figure out how the L/R differentiation works.

But let me tell you.  I put it through the wide variety of music styles I like and every one impressed me.

I tried adapting the EQ - and I have to admit I didn't notice much difference, but throughout it was all very VERY clear sound.

Will have a full review up shortly!