Google Photos now has a simple pen-marking edit in app

I had heard this was coming, and I was all for it.  I've often wanted to mark up a simple photo or screenshot.  Screenshots were easy as Pixels have that "Markup" app...

Photos were harder as you couldn't do it easily, you had to say "edit" then choose which app to edit it with and use that "markup".

Now, with a recent app update the little 'squiggly' is there for you to mark up right away.

Perfect timing as I was getting on my flight on Porter and one of my favourite things is to do their 'find their differences'.

There are 20 to find so it's typically a little tricky to remember them all as you count and see if you get them all.  My OCD doesn't let me 'guess' if I've got them all.  Now I can snap a photo and just make a little squiggle on a spot.

Now, I know I counted them all for sure.  Without having to draw on the actual pamphlet.  Absolutely hate it when someone does that.  There's a special place in hell for people like that.

Yes, it's only like 17 there, but I got to 20