Case options for the Pixel 4 XL (Catalyst, Nomad, Google)

Yes!  Swapped out the Pixel 4 for the 4 XL and it's definitely the right size for me.  Now, I need to protect it.

I've had a few options sent to me:

Google fabric - $50 -
So, this is the 'Google' made one, and this year they've really hyped up how the materials are recycled.  I've shown off the 4's version earlier, and the 4 XL is similar.
I have noticed that the power button is a fair bit harder to press, and because of the way the speakers are on the bottom, there is less of a 'grab' on the corners of the device, so I found that putting it in and pulling it out of my pocket that there was more give and slip of it coming off the corner.  It didn't come off, it needs a good amount of effort and force all around the edge to take it off.

Catalyst Impact - $60 -
I think this is my personal pick.  I have the white variant and I love showing that off, so this model has the clear back to show that off.  The volume rocker splits to 2 buttons... so note that.  Takes a moment or 2 using it to recognize that change.
It's a tight fit and takes a good amount of effort to put it in and even more so to take it out.  With Catalysts' impact protection, you can rest a little more assured it's going to be secure.  Just keep in mind with a clear back you're going to want to watch for dust or fingerprint marks on the inside and clean it more often (or maybe that's just my OCD)

Nomad rugged leather - $50USD - (brown) | (black)
If you're a leather fan, you'll know that these vegetable-tanned leather, tanned by well known Horween - that it's high quality.  Now, the leather can 'scratch'... well, I say scratch, but it's not a 'tear' in the leather, rather an indent.  For that reason, I'm a little anxious about it.  The claim is that as you use it more and more, the seasoning of the leather adds to the 'patina' of its style, showing off a genuine real 'skin' look to it.
It's definitely more expensive but really showcases a real QUALITY look to your phone.
Oh, and the little 'notch'/bar on the bottom holes for the speakers (that doesn't block the speaker) is meant for the lanyard.  So there ya go.

All these cases have my favourite features, still allows for Qi charging, doesn't add much bulk to the device (the Google one is probably the worst, then the leather, then the Catalyst with the least bulk add) and they all have the 'edge lip' so that you can put the device face down and it's sitting on the case and not your device's glass.

The Pixel 4 XL is an amazing phone (full review due shortly), let's protect it in style!