Canada Beats US in mobile network 'experience'

Really?  Canada ranked higher (20th place) than the US (37th place)?

I guess they didn't take into account pricing ... check out the Tutela report:

Canada beats the US in global mobile network experience ranking; countries rank 20th and 37th respectively

Victoria, BC. September 12, 2019 - In Tutela’s first annual Global Mobile Experience Report, Canada has outperformed the United States to place as the country with the highest Excellent Consistent Quality in North America. 81.3% of mobile tests when a user had a signal in Canada met Tutela’s Excellent Consistent Quality thresholds, representative of intensive use-cases like 1080p video streaming, HD group video calling or multiplayer online gaming. This is compared to 72.7% of tests meeting the same thresholds in the United States. 

For less demanding day-to-day uses like SD video streaming and sharing photos over social media, Canada came 18th globally, with a Core Consistent Quality of 97.5%, whilst the US placed 46th at 94.3% of successful tests meeting Tutela’s thresholds for these activities. More than anything, this highlights just how ubiquitous networks that deliver on core mobile internet experiences are worldwide. 

Other key findings from the report include:
  • In the global country rankings, Japan came top of the leaderboard with the highest level of Excellent Consistent Quality, while Norway (which came second for Excellent Consistent Quality by just 0.1%) came top for Core Consistent Quality.
  • By operator, LG U+ in South Korea was the world’s best mobile network, as measured by Excellent Consistent Quality. Telenor in Norway delivered the highest Core Consistent Quality, and came in second for Excellent Consistent Quality by just 1.2%.
  • While Europe dominates the ranking table for both Excellent and Core Consistent Quality, Oceania achieved the highest overall Excellent and Core Consistent Quality across the continent.

Tom Luke, VP at Tutela commented “Our results come at a time when the US telecoms industry is keen to assert itself as a leader in the race to 5G, despite 5G not being present on the White House’s annual R&D priorities memo. This means it will very much come down to the operators themselves to help bridge the transition and turn the promise of 5G into a reality to help deliver on those more intensive use-cases.  We are already seeing the growing importance of HD video, with 1080p smartphone screens now being the most common according to DeviceAtlas and new devices like the iPhone 11 making HD viewing the expectation for many. As other high intensity uses grow in popularity, meeting these higher levels of network quality and consistency will be ever more important for delighting mobile users in an increasingly competitive industry.”

The Tutela report is based on over 170 million speed tests from more than 60 million unique iOS and Android devices in the three months between 1st May 2019 and 1st August 2019.