Asus wants to see your Artistry with a contest #IAmProArtist

This day and age, there is a huge marriage between the creative types and the tech types... where it used to be quite the divide, there is this absolutely unique blending going on.

Asus, probably a key piece in some of that technology in creative works is launching "I AM ProArtist".

This international contest has prizes up for over $10,000USD and artists can upload their 'creative work' via 3 different segments: 

True Color | Pixel Perfection | Mighty Mini 
(and surprise, surprise, they have some suggested Asus elements that can help in creating submissions)

If you're interested, you have until September 30th to submit.  Check it out!

·         Worldwide contest to find the most inventive and inspirational content creators goes live today and runs until September 30, 2019
·         Prizes on offer include ProArt PA32UC and PA27AC displays, ProArt Station PA90, ProArt StudioBook Pro17 and Mini PC PB60G
·         Entrants and ProArt fans can win votes or lucky-draw prizes by sharing #IamProArtist campaign hashtag on social media

The I am ProArtist campaign is live today, and the competition runs globally until September 30, 2019. Full details are available at the campaign website:
The spark of inspiration can ignite at any time and content creators need a trusted, professional platform that matches the way they work and gives them the power to realize their creative vision. Inspired by professionals, every aspect of the ProArt platform is built to remove creative barriers and deliver the immense performance professionals demand to support the creative process and bring the best ideas to life.
That is the ProArt brand promise, and we believe everyone can be a ProArtist. It is about being proud of individuality, persistent in seeking perfection and strong-spirited in chosen fields of excellence. To celebrate the wellspring of creativity empowered by ProArt we want content creators of all abilities to produce an original artwork and share its story.

How to enter the I Am ProArtist global challenge
All adults aged 18 or more are eligible to participate in the I am ProArtist competition, and each eligible contest is permitted to submit one entry in each of the three activity categories – True Colour, Pixel Perfection and Mighty Mini. The fundamental design requirements of each activity category are as follows:
·         True Colour (2D graphic design): Submit an original 2D picture or design in JPEG or PNG format. The resolution should be 2560 x 1440, and the maximum acceptable file size is 5MB.
·         Pixel Perfection (film production): Submit an original film clip in MP4 format. The maximum acceptable running time 20 seconds, and the maximum acceptable file size is 50MB.
·         Mighty Mini (3D design): Submit an original 3D-design work in JPEG or PNG format. The resolution should be 2560 x 1440, and the maximum acceptable file size is 5MB.
Entrants must also include a story with each submission. This story should summarize the background or design inspiration behind the original creation.

How to win I am ProArtist prizes
One winner for each activity category will be chosen based on votes in the form of ‘likes’ from the public and a creativity assessment by ASUS, with each aspect carrying a 50% weighting. Public votes are important, so entrants are encouraged to share their entry on social media – using the hashtag #IamProArtist.

The I am ProArtist winners, awards and lucky draw
Following the close of the competition on September 30, 2019, public votes will be tallied, and ASUS will then consider all entries for their creativity. The final winners will be announced on October 30, 2019. The prizes for each activity category are as follows:
·         True Colour: ASUS ProArt Display PA27AC
·         Pixel Perfection: ASUS ProArt Display PA32UC
·         Mighty Mini: ASUS ProArt Station PA90

In addition to these main prize tiers, we’ll also be awarding three additional prizes via a lucky draw for those otherwise ineligible to enter the main I am ProArtist competition. Winners will be chosen from those sharing the #IamProArtist campaign hashtag on social media. Prizes for this lucky draw include a ProArt StudioBook Pro17, ProArt Display PA24AC and Mini PC PB60G.