Comparing the S-Pen to the Pixelbook Pen

Do you like to draw, or do you use an input device with your mobile device?  Those touchscreen pens (you know, those ones that like your grandmother uses and has dangling off of that folio case) are just terrible for finesse - so for those that want that quality use, there are only a few real options.

The 2 best out there are the S Pen, which you see on devices like the Note (I'll be using the Tab S4) and the Pixelbook Pen (I'll be using the Pixelbook).

So, how do they compare?  The Tab S4 S Pen runs about $80CDN, whereas the Pixelbook option is $129CDN

Interesting, that no matter how much I look, I can't find any details about the replacement, or charging of the S Pen battery.  The Note series wirelessly charge while 'sheathed'.  Even still replacement pens for Notes are fairly inexpensive.  So, I have no idea how long you should be able to go before you have to replace the $80 pen.

The Pixelbook Pen uses a quad-A battery (AAAA).  Not rare, but not easily found on most shelves either.  I did get about a year and a half of my use before I had to replace the battery.

I'll admit, of the 2 I do tend to use the Pixelbook Pen more.  When I use the Tab, I tend to be watching or playing or reading.  It's a consumption device.

With the Pixelbook, that's where I tend to 'work' more and sometimes that may require pulling out the pen to play cutting something out or drawing (tho' very very rarely).

With either, I've tried... and I've tried to make the case to use them for taking notes at meetings and neither really fits the bill like a good moleskin and good real pen.  But that's just me.