Punkt. MP 02 - have we reached hipster peak?

It's funny, I had some folks in town the other day and showing off my city.  I love my little town - and there's been quite the revival over the past few years - coffee shops and roasteries, breweries, lots of gastro pubs and foodie destinations ... and the question was asked "has the city become somewhat hipster?"

Got me thinking of what hipsterism really was and if that was a bad question or a good one. I won't answer that question ...

But it was ironic that the next day I see this in my inbox - the Punkt. MP 02 phone.

That's when I started thinking maybe overall, we've reached peak hipster.

When a smartphone is too ... 'something' and we need a simpler version.  The phrase "old is new again" is something I've been hearing a lot.

What is the Punkt. MP02 phone?  Well ... at first I thought it was an accessory for your current smartphone - similar to the HTC Mini+ - a tiny cordless phone looking handset that you use to actually make phone calls and whatnot instead of pulling out your big smartphone.

But no... it's its own phone.  $350USD it's a decent priced smartphone, but it's not as smart as you may think.

There are no apps ... there's no touch screen.

Here's what you get:
  • 2.0" @ 320x240
  • Snapdragon 210
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB storage
  • IP52
  • 1280mAh
It does have WiFi and GPS ... but I'm not really sure what for.  It does run off of Android 8.1 AOSP and I'm assuming that it must somehow sync contacts with.  But it doesn't say so in any of the manuals I've seen ... moreso the WiFi is used for software updates.

But aside from that it's a super SIMPLE concept of a phone.  It's on par with the cordless phone but ... you can go anywhere with it.

So, if you've hated all the things that have moved the smartphone forward, then this is a nice step back. 

But why?

Is it just ingrained in hipster culture to be counter-culture?  I get not going with the horde, but ...


I could see if this was the bluetooth accessory FOR my phone (or heck that if it could work for both of my phones and I can keep those in my jacket until needed). 

But this just doesn't make sense to me.

I really have a hard time saying the MAIN thing I use my smartphone for is for phone calls or text messaging.  It's almost anything BUT those.

Their proposal is more along the lines that you use THIS as the data connection for another smart device, say a laptop, where you do most of your work.  Personally, I'm using those devices less and my phone as my main thing.

Is this a joke?  I'm scared to ask.