Wear OS 2.0 comes to Moto 360 Sport

Man, I love my 360 Sport, but even though the battery is starting to go quicker than I'd like, I've still not really found anything that I'd want to replace it.

To help breathe a little bit of new life into the watch, Android Wear ... err Wear OS 2.0 just came as an update this morning!


The new Wear OS 2.0 updates the watch to have features like:

  • Notifications more 'card' like (i.e. tap the card to expand it 'in stream') feed.
  • Swipe left and right to access Fit or Assistant (yay, no more accidentally changing the face)
  • Swipe from the top to have access to the system toggles (more than before) as well as a media player banner.

Now, it's not without some issues.  For example, I'm not a fan of how it shows Gmail notifications, but it doesn't tell you WHICH Gmail account it comes from.

Because the 'card' in the notification feed is just 'right there' I tend to accidentally swipe things away (removing the notification) before I dealt with it.  And sometimes finding the action (mark as read, or delete) is a little harder to find.  Before I could tap the card, go into the notification and then swipe back to the 'feed' without losing the card.

But, an update is an update and it feels a little snappier, so I'm glad!