Youtube now adds a 'post' stream

So, I'm still a little 'sad' over the sunsetting of Google+.  I've got an article/opinion piece brewing there.  There are some new programs that are coming out that may, or may not, somehow take its place.  Have you heard of 'bulletin'?

Anyways, one of the new tools involves the convoluted bit of a mess that is Youtube.

Now, they've included the option to have 'posts' in the Community section of a Youtube channel.  Now, I don't see any 'posts' showing up in the subscription streams (that might make sense, but that also can get hairy quickly).

But, at least creators have another way to connect with their audience without them leaving the platform.  Neat.  Hopefully, it doesn't get too complicated/duplicated with the 'chat/inbox' section.