Huawei partners with Model/Photographer for P20 launch

So, Huawei will be partnering with a model/photographer Helena Christensen for their launch of the P20.  I'm guessing this means some real good camera chops to go with the new phone.  (text version below)



Social post from supermodel builds anticipation for upcoming Huawei P20 launch

Huawei has confirmed a new global partnership with celebrated supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen following a recent post on her Instagram channel that caught the attention of fans and followers. Helena was seen out and about in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, giving a sneak peak of what’s to come through her work with Huawei and its eagerly-anticipated new Huawei P20 release.

Renowned for her international modelling career with iconic fashion houses including Chanel, Versace and Hermes, Helena has also become known for her second career as a photographer.  One of the world’s biggest smartphone brands, Huawei, is constantly looking for new and engaging ways to connect with its customers. By partnering with such an influential figure as Helena Christensen, Huawei is continuing in its tradition of placing high value on collective wisdom, drawing on the experience of its partners to present consumers with the very best products and innovations.

Details of the collaboration will be released to coincide with the worldwide launch at the end of March. Follow @huaweimobilecan on Instagram or the hashtag #SeeMooore for the latest updates.