Motion Stills updates for AR options

I like Motion Stills.  Take a picture, and make it a GIF.  Simple.  And with the AutoMotion effect from my Pixel camera it takes those as well.

Today it updated to add in the feature of using AR objects to put into the scene!

Now, it's not as good as the Pixel camera's AR stickers mind you, but it's a neat start.

 There's only a few stickers to choose from:
 - Dinosaur
 - Gingerbread man
 - Alien
 - Robot
 - Chicken
 - Earth

They're pretty '8bit' styled and you have to tap the image where you want to put it.  You can't drag the object around.

You can pinch or zoom to make it bigger or smaller, and then rotate to spin it around.

I can't find out how to delete it tho', and you are limited to just one object (so no army of chickens on your desk, like my son likes to do with Porgs in the camera app).

It's a neat start.

Cover art
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