What does this Android fan want for Christmas

Okay, I've been asked by so many groups if I'm doing a 'gift guide' (I don't) and by my family a 'what do you want for Christmas' that I think I'm going to have to combine the 2 into one article here.

Now, some of these are items that I already have, so I'm building this as a "if I had nothing, I'd want these" kind of way.  Or for the 'hypothetical Android fan' ... here's their list.

Give my list a read through, tell me if you think I'd missed something important

That out of the way, here's what I'm suggesting:

It's a tough call, I still haven't done my V30 review yet; but based on what I have reviewed my top 3 suggestions are:
  • Pixel 2 XL - amazing camera and Google experience
  • LG G6 - awesome performance for the perfect size and it has Qi
  • Moto Z2 Play - need I say more than mods?  
I think I'd recommend them in that order as well.  I love my mods, but the fact that I've gotten so used to a 2:1 display makes it a little aesthetically hard to go back.  I still use them when the situation calls for it, mind you.  Between the P2X and the G6 ... really tough call.  I love the G6 and it has the perfect size and Qi charging.  The P2X has an amazing camera and the promise of Google full support.  Tough tough call!

Major Accessories
These aren't the simple cases or cables, these are the things that help majorly make using the phone better.
  • Polaroid mod - if you get the Moto, you'll want mods.  I'd say first up should be the InstaShare projector, but it may be a bit more niche than a printer.
  • 808 duos - you'll want to bop around to some music, and this Bluetooth (or wired, if you're so inclined) is a great set for just $100.  The only problem is that the connector is a miniUSB ... so making sure you have that connector with you is a bit of a pain.
  • Degauss Labs Vice - for when you want sound and a little more discrete, I have never heard a better set of earbuds before.  Awesome stuff.  Won't want to run with them (unless you change the rubber for those wings), but still great.
  • Android Wear - I'm still sporting my Moto 360 Sport.  Going watchless is not something I'd ever consider, ever again..
  • Tylt Block party - this is my favourite room addition (although my wife hates it's look for the decor) it's a mainstay to be able to have a ton of power and a little speaker.
  • Belkin 5K battery - for on the go ... it's nice to have something small and simple
  • Liquid Screen Protector - you know me, I hate cases, but I want to protect the screen

These are the extras that make having your device just ... well, easier and they enhance your life as well.
  • Roku Ultra - just discovered the remote widget on my phone and watching TV is even easier now
  • Mpow Armor Plus Speaker - when headphones aren't enough, having something that's truly quality sound is a must.  Now there was the IC-BTS09 speaker which is louder and I do use for watching movies in the backyard, the Armor Plus is a little more durable for more activities/portability
  • Solar charger - well, not so much now, but in the warmer times I spend a fair bit outside, and having something passively collect power for me is very handy
  • Wall charger - or, if you have a model that has Qi, grab this desktop accessory
  • Universal Cables - I hate having to lug around a microUSB cable for my headphones, a lightning for my work iPhone and a USB-C cable for my phone ... this deal from NOMAD makes it all in one.
  • Jump Starter - a must as part of my vehicle emergency kit.  A battery to help jump the car should I need it, or just keep my phone charged while at the side of the road.

Extras Just for Fun
  • Google Home Mini - I'd love to replace my speaker for one of the Home Max, but until then, the Mini is just fine.
  • Bluetooth controlled electric fireplace - not necessary, but just cool to be able to turn on the fireplace and set the lights and temperature from your phone.
  • Sentio - turn your phone into a laptop!