microUSB braided cable in gold from ICZI ~ Android Coliseum

microUSB braided cable in gold from ICZI

Okay, it's not just in gold, it's also in red or black, but who wouldn't want GOLD!?!

So recently, I've been looking at a lot of USB-C cables and accessories.  Mainly as many are looking to switch from their older, non USB-C device to the new Galaxy S8 which has it; but also because my wife switched from her LG G4 to the Moto Z Play.

That being said, microUSB has not gone away.  I still have a few devices that need it for charging (like my son's phone), but even more so, just about EVERY accessory I own uses microUSB for charging.  My headphones, my speakers, my battery packs, my earpieces, etc...

I can't just chuck out the bag of cables yet.

So what kind of cable should I keep around?  Well, back to ICZI, as I've really liked their quality in the USB-C stuff, so I nabbed one of their gold 6ft cables.

Again, I love these cables, the rigidity of it, it's not going to pinch or knot itself up

I especially like that it comes with the velcro strap again and there's a solid connector so that it's not going to bend there.

Now, how will it fare against my son?  That's yet to be determined, but for $10 for the cable, I think it's probably the best deal out there for a quality cable.  Sure, I can get cables for very cheaply, but not braided or as sturdy.

Great purchase (and it matches my ZTE Axon Pro)!

Source:  https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01MY355PV/?th=1

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