More Moto Mods in the works

The struggle is real my friends.  I have to be honest.  Every day I pick up my Moto Z, I see my G5 next to it.  I prefer the size/shape of the G5, and the better camera ... but what keeps me choosing the Z is the mods.  It's all about the mods.

But, we're still limited to just the few mods we had at launch.  There was a couple more, but we haven't seen them as of yet.

Moto has held some Mod hackathon for entrepreneurs.  This really gets folks putting rubber to the pavement and getting them developing, and part of the program is to move them into the crowdfunding level to get them developed.

Here's a quick video they did of some of the mods that were developed at the last event.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.  Some are novel ... some can be more practical (solar charging backplate, heck yeah!).

This is what will keep me continuing to pick up the Moto Z ... the future possibilities.