Wireless fast charging desktop stand by RND Accessories

Looking for a wireless fast charge solution? Turn your attention to RND wireless fast charging stand. This item is going to be one of the most sought after since it provides fast charging technology via the wireless options that many QI devices can support.

Something to consider before jumping on the bandwagon, RND does make note that you need to use the provided Qualcomm wall charger in support of Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0. In other words, use the wall plug provided to you to connect the stand to it.
While the use of a charging stand is pretty straight forward, it came in handy with my Moto 360 watch which is QI base and it allowed me to charge my watch at its normal capacity as shown in the picture. RND fast charge stand has built-in voltage and short-circuits protection which keeps your device charging at safe temperatures.
RND wireless fast charge stand cryovex pic 1
Perfect little addition to the family since I do have a few QI enabled devices and this is just a nice accessory to have sitting on the desk at home. I have all sorts of accessories around me that it sometimes gets overwhelming. I’ve had several QI pad, but nothing as spot on and easy to use without the need to move the thing around to see if it’s going to charge properly or not.
In keeping with low cost, you can make the acquisition of this device for $19.99 US. The first RND wireless fast charging stand provides optimum charging capacity. Give it a shot if you like wireless charging and if the device you use supports QI.

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