Just in time for your resolutions - Google Calendar links to Fit for your goals

I love the update that Calendar got for you to put in 'goals' and it'll look through your calendar and determine where these steps to accomplish your goal should go.

Like, running 3x a week, learning French, etc...

Except, for things like running, where I often go running but forget to look in the calendar and 'mark as done'.  Sure, the end of the world wasn't going to happen, and it still logged in my Google Fit / Endomondo as a run... but Calendar didn't know I was living up to my goals.

Well, a new update for Calendar now can link to Fit and see if you did some physical activity that might link to one of your goals and mark it as done for you.

Pretty cool.  One less thing to worry about.

And I notice now that it keeps track of how many weeks you accomplish ... perfect for those of you who are trying the 'Seinfeld method' for sticking to a goal.
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