Super Mario Run IS coming to Android and you can pre-register now

Cover artSo, personally, I downloaded the game on my work phone (an iPhone) and grew bored with it in about 5 minutes.  But it was still a nice throwack to some nostalgia.

Releasing on iOS first was a kick in the shorts, but the pain of that will be subsiding shortly as it will be launching soon.

If you visit the Nintendo listing on Google Play, you'll now see that the popular game is listed and you can opt to 'pre-register' for it now.

No telling when it will roll out, or what the price will be (I'm hearing the horror stories of friends who shelled out the $13 on their iDevices and their kids beat it in about an hour).

But, if you want to play some new Mario, you can go and hit the link to be notified of when it's downloadable!


Get it on Google Play