[Poll] How do you protect your device?

So, I feel like I'm amassing a bit of an army of different devices.  Getting to review a few dozen per year has its benefits.  It's interesting now and again to go back and pick something up, check if it's got updates or whatnot.

What I find slightly odd now is going and using devices that don't have a fingerprint sensor ... trying to remember my security code, or my knock pattern.

image from PhoneArena
It's funny trying to think how I got along without a fingerprint sensor.  But it's just what I'm used to now.

Prior, I used codes, or I used the trusted agents to sense when it's near my G Watch to not need security.

And it got me thinking - what are you using for your security?

I put together a poll on G+, you can see it below and cast your vote (I'll write up a summary later)