Luna is one fierce little witch in this latest WitchSpring 2 from Kiwiwalks

Just a few weeks ago I was talking about WitchSpring featuring PieBerry an over the top potty mouth full of what you'll get if you manage to piss her off. In her quest to dominate the humans or finally put an end to all this "Witch" business, I manage to complete the game. The game has managed to keep me hooked. The ending of the game wasn't exactly what I was expecting and even more so when you only have 100 days (in the game) to get all of it done. In the next chapter with WitchSpring 2, the game dynamics are slightly different. You can definitely see the progress made from the first iteration of the game.

Luna will be undertaking an adventure that will have her meet news friends, foes and pet that will ally themselves with her. You will in the same instances as WitchSpring help Luna by levelling her stats with exercises and equipment. Gathering ingredients, crafting spells and potions along the way. The more fulfilling you get Luna involved the more interesting the ending will be!

At this time in the game, I think I'm fairly still, in the beginning, I've only got to one temple, help the smugglers a bit and now I'm attempting to find my way a top of a mountain to go see my friend Michelle. I still can't get close to the warriors, although I think I can smack them around. I've had my shares of battles for the moment and I'm still trying not to get killed. Like in the previous game, you don't die, you warp back to your home and from there you can sleep to heal yourself up.

I've managed to craft a higher level of fire spell and lightning, I'm going to attempt to get some ingredients for the 5 point lightning spell, this should definitely get me in the game to whack some people up with one blow.

The battle system provides you with the ability to do physical attacks, magic attacks, make use of items and of course the classic "Get the hell out of here" options. While this is a typical trait to the RPG world, you'll find that some of these battles aren't as easy as they look. I've managed to stay one step ahead in most cases and if that didn't work, I'd look for something that would give me the edge needed.

WitchSpring 2 - Ice witch residenceWitch Spring 2 - Luna stats at the Ice witch residence
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Luna has a goal in all of this, she's trying to figure out what happened with the Lords as well as why the humans have now overrun everything that's around. She does manage to find out that the Pope is doing experimentation with dark magic... I guess you'll have to get cracking and start playing the game if you plan on learning more!

If you're interested in getting in on this awesome game, you can point yourself over to Google's Play store and get yourself a copy for $4.99.