Sony's Xperia X Performance Canada's Edition first 12 hours!

It's no secret that the Canadian edition of Sony's Xperia X Performance is different than our counterpart in the United States. We have some extra's that they don't. This is going to be a short blurb about my Sony's Xperia X Performance Canada's Edition first 12 hours!

I wanted to use the device from 100% to nearly 0% since I don't like draining a device completely I went to 2% worth of power before plugging it in. Out of the box, I configured the device with my main Google account. Loaded all my usual apps, games and configured the device.

It's important to note that I've used the device constantly during this test to see how far the battery would carry me. I was able to get 7 hours 39 minutes of usage, with that I got approximately 7 hours 11 minutes of screen on time. I did what any heavy user would play video games, watched video's, YouTube, SMS, IM's, Copied files to and from my network, talked on the phone, did a few PDF scans etc.

What can I take from this? If I were to use the device like most common users would, I'd be able to get about 24 hours worth of usage before having to charge. This is my next test. I'll be using the device as I would normally on any given day and see how far I can carry it.

Full review in a week or so with plenty of images.

In the meantime, I encourage you to engage me and talk about this device! Do you have one? Planning on getting one? Let me know!