House of Marley Rebel BT headphones [review]

So it's Pokemon Go time and you've got to get out there and catch them all.  And to do that you're going to need to walk about finding them - and one tip to being able to do that is to wear a good set of headphones and listen to the audio cues as to where they can be found.

Which headset should you use?  Well, here's a good suggestion - one made by the House of Marley... yes, that "Marley".  So a name that recognizes the quality of true sound.  Sound and an environmental concern as the Rebel BT set are made of a bio-plastic.

The sound is really good, and of sufficient volume to be able to walk around and hear the music (or pokemon sounds), I just find that although the pads have a good secure hold, they're a little on the smaller side than I prefer.  But I'm surprised how well it stays on the hand with the band.

It operates as either a regular set of headphones with a supplied cable (which has the mic and a play/answer button) or can be a Bluetooth headset, charged by supplied microUSB cable and can last for 8 hours.

As a Bluetooth set it can last 8 hours on a single charge (plenty of time to hatch a few eggs) and has buttons for play, and then vol+/-, and those double as skip/prev on long presses.  The button placement is a bit weird, as the power is on the top of the headphones, the play on the front and the vol+/- on the back side.  If you look at the right side of the headset, think of the power at about 1 o'clock, the play at 3, and then vol+/- at 7 and 8 positions.

Seriously, though, I think someone should standardize the buttons... on some it's prev/skip and long press to vol+/- and some times skip is vol+ and others it's vol- ... okay, enough ranting, back to this set.

I was well pleased with it... it was easy enough to adjust, and quick enough to pair and connect.   Sound was great and after learning which button was which it was fairly easy to operate.  Only found it a little awkward to find out which was the right or left side when putting it on.  The adjustable position of the earpieces was nice and always ensured a comfortable fit while wearing them.

For $60USD it's a good investment in listening to quality music, or even catching some Pokemon, and it helps knowing that a portion ends up going to the