What are you getting (or giving) for Father's Day?

At the time of writing it's a week away to Father's Day - that means a time to show our appreciation for our fathers.

That usually means we have a barbecue, or take him out to dinner,get him a card and then even some sort of gift.

Often when I was young, it was a bottle of cologne, or a tie.  Something I thought that he would like.

Now, having grown up, and a son of my own, I understand those gifts were not something especially wanted, but they are still endearing.

But let's see what we can get dad (or in some cases, what we would want from our sons) instead:

Okay, first up - dad will want a new phone.

What phone should we get him?  Well, my pick of the litter is the Galaxy S7 Edge at the moment.

Read my review here:  http://www.androidcoliseum.com/2016/06/hands-on-with-samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-me.html

Now, let's match that phone with one of my favourite accessories these days, a good smartwatch.  Currently, my favourite watch is the Moto 360 Sport (available at Telus for $380).  An accessory that's good for just about every occasion; wifi, built for activities... nothing better for the all rounded dad.

Read my review here:  http://www.androidcoliseum.com/2016/01/reviewmoto-360-sport-real-watch-feel.html

Now, let's get some headphones to listen to music he's doing the activities that the smartwatch is monitoring.  For headphones my favourite is split between a couple:  Degauss Labs Dual Driver (available for $80USD) set are a great set of earbuds; but it looks like 3.5mm connectors are going away, so what about bluetooth sets?  My favourite there is my Mpow Cheetahs (available for $27CDN)

Okay - now we need something to power them all up, everything needs to be charged these days.So there'll be portable chargers, some  cables and worts etc...

Let's see, there's the Micflip cable (available for $20), iClever's Rapid Charge 2.0 (available for $20), an MPow QuickCharge for the car (review upcoming - available for $24CDN)  and my favourite portable charger, pretty much anything Tylt (starts at $20USD for 2000mAh and up).

That's about my favourite things at the moment that centre on the device.

Here's some of my other favourite things:

  • KidzGear Bluetooth headphones - I reviewed the non-Bluetooth version, but Bluetooth is obviously better choice - available for $50 these will help keep things quiet around the house for dad when the kids are a little pre-occupied.
  • Joby Mini Gorillapod - for about $20 you can take a photo of the family or whatever and it's small enough to take with you everywhere

What else?  I think that's about it in my eyes for the time being.  My dad's getting lessons on how to properly use his Moto X Play he recently purchased on his own.

What are you getting your dad for father's day?