Android's new Google Now video - do you use it though?

Just this past few days I was out on a bit of a trip and and a friend had suggested place to grab a bite to eat and I wasn't sure where it was.  I could have used Google Now on Tap then to figure out, but they then sent me address.  Using Now on Tap gave me the exact spot and was easy to find them.

Funny, that when I get back I see this ad in my Youtube subscriptions waiting for me to watch:

Me, I love this feature, just that I find it's useful only in a very limited scope or sense and I get to actually use it so rarely that it's almost better if I just went to Google Now (man, they should give us back the swipe up as well as having Now on Tap - I don't see how it interferes to have both)

How about you tho'?  Do you use Google Now on Tap?