Stop making such thin, huge, QHD smartphones.

Many smartphone manufacturers are getting under my skin. They're all pushing features they think we want, when in reality, a lot of this stuff is just marketing to grab more cash from our wallets.

I don't need QHD

Let's take Quad HD (QHD) as an example. I have QHD on my LG G4 right now. Sure, the screen is nice and sharp, but so is my friend's Sony Xperia Z3 with a 1080p screen. In fact, he and I both played a video from YouTube - I played it in 4K, and he played the 1080p - side-by-side, and we couldn't tell a difference in clarity. In fact, we both agreed the Z3's screen was more appealing due to its higher saturation.

I still have my Motorola Moto X 2013, which is 720p on a 4.7" screen. I've used it a few times since owning the G4, and I don't look at that screen and say, "euw!" It looks fine.

Sony seems to be listening to reason right now, as their latest Xperia X series are all on 1080p still. You know what, their batteries are benefiting from it too, lasting up to two days!

I don't want a huge phone

To this day, nearly a year after getting my LG G4 with a 5.5" screen, I still prefer the 4.7" size of my Moto X. I could hold it easily and grip it well. My thumb and fingers reached all corners. I could see everything on it just fine. If I wanted a huge screen, I'll pick up my Nexus 7 or go grab my Chromebook.

I don't want a super-thin phone

I know I am not alone with this. MKBHD often says he would rather a phone be thicker with a larger battery, than thinner with a smaller batty. I don't need my phone to be so thin it is cutting the inside of my palm.

To credit where credit is due, Samsung's S7 Edge is a few mm thicker to compensate for their large battery. Nice!