Fitness by the numbers with the UA HealthBox

With so many fitness trackers vying for our attention, why choose the UA Healthbox? Convenience.

It would be nice to have one complete package and if you're just getting into maintaining your health the Healthbox seems like the way to go with everything you need. UA and HTC decided to go with a band instead of a smart watch. The good side is it's discrete and should be comfortable if you want to wear it for sleep tracking. There isn't a lot of expectation for apps with a band. A scale is an important tool in shaping a lifestyle change. Weight not gained is weight that doesn't need to be lost. I have 4 years of weight data without ever lifting a pen(cil) and it's handy for seeing if your health changes are effective. The use of a separate heart rate monitor is an interesting choice and indicates this is for the serious athlete. The app looks comprehensive and works with AndroidWare devices.

If you are looking for a complete system, Under Armour is a respect name in workout gear and HTC is HTC:) This is launching in the US and will work with Android and iOS. Take a look.