It's official - AndroidTO is on for December 1st 2015

So, normally it would be about this time that we'd have littered our site with info on the AndroidTO conference that's just about to happen, but this year it looked as though it might not happen.

Then, one day while watching +Macy Kuang's new VLOG I caught word of her mentioning that they had just finalized the date (Macy has been part of the planning since day 1 - you can hear her talk about it on her VLOG).  I waited a little bit before they officially put the info up on the site.  It's up now - although still no official announcement.

I'm still excited.

I'm also booking December 1st off from my work.  I know from us +Martin Guay is excited to go, and +Sivan Rehan won't need much prodding to go too.  We'll hopefully try to find some time to get down there before and after and bet there for any meetups that occur.

It's still early days as they're starting to go through finding speakers and whatnot, but keep your eyes peeled and pencil in the date now!