Want to skip the invite system for a OnePlus 2?

Currently, if you want to buy a OnePlus 2... you'll have to apply for an invite and wait your turn.  Currently "your turn" could take a while as there's 4million right now on the waiting list.  Ouch.

I've seen invites go up on auction sites for around $100.  There's a lot people will do to not wait.

Well... one of those might be paying just a little more and getting it from another vendor from China.

According to my contact at GearBest they have an agreement with OnePlus to have the devices earlier than others.

I know you're probably like "HOLY GEEZ RYAN $590!!!".  (I freaked out when I saw the regular price of $1714)

Sure enough, that's what you get when you choose the CDN (remember our dollar isn't exactly as good right now).

If you go to OnePlus it'll list the 64GB version at $390US or $480CDN.  GearBest lists it at $435USD or $590CDN.  OnePlus I don't think has updated on our recent dollar (they're math is $1US = $1.23CDN, whereas really we're at $1.32 right now).

But, that doesn't account for still a variance about $40US.  Well, remember how last year my great deal of getting a OnePlus One really got chewed away at by tax, by shipping etc... well, GearBest is offering free shipping.

So, it might be pretty much the same price... but no waiting for an invite.  That would be worth some coin regardless!

Now, I'm not about to try it, because... well, I don't want the OP2.  But if you do, this might be a good bet if you don't want to wait.

Source:  http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_218003.html