Satechi Aluminum Power Strip brings power to all your devices

Satechi came out with a different concept when it comes to charging your devices. Let's incorporate USB powered ports as well as standard power outlets that you would use everyday? Is a perfect companion for the everyday mobile user. As we all know hotel rooms aren't the best when it comes to having available power outlets and this is very true with USB powered devices.

But this isn't limited to hotel use, what about airports? This can accommodate anyone.

Satechi is in the business of providing what consumers are asking, with this sleek aluminum body design featuring some sexy curve appeal, it's hard to miss it. The smart IC chip built into the power bar allows to adjust the flow of power as needed to match your device requirements. If this wasn't enough, Satechi made sure that you would be protected with surge protection due to the many numbers of possible issues. Finally. With its 4 2.4A USB ports at your disposal, it's very to hard not to say GIVE IT TO ME.

The price point for Satechi Aluminum Power Strip is just below the $40 mark at $39.99 US.