[QuickTip] Send Directions from Maps to your phone

Well, file this one away as "so easy I should have known sooner", but in case you're like me and just overlooked it before... here's a quick way to send directions that you look up on your computer to your device.

Often in the summer I'm travelling to some place.  So I quickly look up the address to make sure I know where I'm going in Maps. I used to then just go on my phone, open up Maps and then look in my search history and then it'll re-do the directions on my phone.

Well, apparently I missed out on a big button when you search on Maps from your computer (assuming you're logged in with your Google account) to send it directly to your phone.

Once you pick the phone it'll go as a notification in your system tray which you can then either show on Maps or directly navigate with.

Pretty handy I thought.

What are your handy tips to make using your phone easier for your life?