[Review] Logitech TYPS-S Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7

Logitech TYPE-S TAB A 9.7
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Many of us are working directly with our tablets and this can be seen more so in offices,  in Information Technology departments,  in Accounting and so on.  We are relying more and more on portable, efficient devices.

Logitech understands this and this is why they've provided me with the TYPS-S Keyboard Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7.

The first thing I noticed while taking it out of the box was the slim form factor that it had,  this obviously led me to the conclusion; that the batteries weren't required.  This was indeed the case,  as it provided a micro USB cable to charge the keyboard.

This is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device,  it features and automatic on and off settings for which you do not need to turn off as it will take care of that for you.

The folio itself provided a magnetic clip on the base which allows you to perfectly hold your tablet into place.  The cover folio has a perfect position hole to allow the use of the camera on the back and a hard enough cover to make sure that nothing too critical happens to it.

According to Logitech the battery has a 6 months worth of charge provided you use the keyboard for about 2 hours per day.  The keyboard case is listed at 119,99$ CAD, which is more than enough for any user. I mean, if you don't have to charge the battery for about 6 months, this is a golden opportunity for anyone that needs a folio case for his tablet.

If your in the business of needed a Bluetooth keyboard for your Samsung TAB A 9.7 then this might just be the golden egg you're looking for. Case, keyboard, approximately 6 months worth of battery? 119,99$ CAD, where do I sign?

Logitech TYPE-S Samsung Galaxy TAB A 9.7

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