LG G4 Tip - Install Key Plus To Change What Double-Tapping Volume Keys Do

One of the cool features of the LG G4, G3,  and G Pro, is that you can double-press the volume up and down keys to activate the camera or LG's QuickMemo, when the screen is off.

I double-press the volume down key all the time to activate my camera while the phone's screen is off. It's much faster than double-tapping the screen, selecting the camera icon, and swiping. Trust me, there are a few delays in there.

However, I'm an Evernote and Wunderlist user. As such, I have no use for QuickMemo+. Here's how you can change what the double-pressing the volume up key without rooting your phone.

Step 1 - Make sure QuickMemo is still on your phone

When I received my LG G4, I'm one to uninstall and disable apps I won't use. Well, I uninstalled QuickMemo+, because as said, it's redundant for me.

However, after installing Key Plus (I'm getting to this app), I found that QuickMemo+ needed to be on your device in order to change the default settings. I was then on a hunt to find QuickMemo+ since it is not in the Google Play store. What you need to do is go to Settings - About Phone - Update Center - App Updates. Within this menu, you'll see QuickMemo+ and can install it again, along with any other LG apps you may want back on your phone.

Step 2 - Key Plus for LG G4, G3, G Pro

Head on over to Google Play and install Key Plus for LG G4, G3, G Pro. It's a long name, I know. 

Now, open up Key Plus. If you own an LG G4, you'll only be able to chance the volume up key. Otherwise, you should be able to chance the volume down key too.

Simply select either one, and from there, choose whichever app or shortcut you'd like to do.

Voila. You've changed what double-tapping the volume key(s) do!

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