Google Keyboard updates with sync support!

When it comes to Android devices, it's never short on option to customize the look and feel. The ability that it enables us to go beyond what is expected.

One of those options is the Google Keyboard, the latest updates adds some missing flare to the application. The Google Keyboard has undergone a transformation since its release to the Play store and with its unified material look it looks spectacular.

Like many other replacement keyboards, Google has taken to make sure that the user experience was there. They included many features such as gesture, swipe, auto-complete etc.

Today, the Google keyboard is getting an update that will enhance the keyboard experience. Nothing like the typical bug fixes and small improvement. With its new ability to sync, it will learn your words from all across your devices. Switching from one device to the other will retain the ability to know the style of the user, thus making it a more seamless experience.

Google Play

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