Humble Bundle Mobile version 13 is a heckuva steal

You know the deal with Humble Bundle... it's a way for some indie developers to get some exposure, as well as you to get a great deal.

This latest offering has a couple cool ones this round like Worms 3 (I've already bought it... but still).  Plus, acting early means the average is still low - just $3.15 at the time of writing (USD).

So, pay anything and you get:

  • Timelines:  Assault on America
  • The Ministry of Silly Walks (who doesn't like Monty Python)
  • Hellraid:  The Escape (this looks fun)
Then, pay more than the average and you'll get:
  • Puzzle Retreat
  • Worms 3
  • Twisty Hollow

For me, it was an insta-buy.


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