Get ready for the OnePlus 2 [...with a contest]

Well, whether you liked the company or not, I really think the OnePlus company came in to shake things up in the industry, and they did.

They made some waves, came to "near Nexus prices" for some great specs.  Faux-pas and issues aside, it's been an interesting year and a bit for the company.

And now, they're readying for the next iteration of the phone - and they're announcing a contest.

Well actually 2 contests.

The "tell us your OnePlus story" and the "Photo Mania 2015" contests will win you a trip to Hong Kong to see the launch of the OnePlus (hrmm.. very much like Oppo did recently... hrmm)

story_Forum (1).png

The OnePlus Story contest wants you to talk about ... 'your story' (go figure).

So, create a video that features your story, what you've experienced, what you want to look forward to, what you want to ask about etc...

There looks to be 2 winners for this contest.  One picked by OnePlus staff, the other by the community.

Forum_02 (1).png

The Photo Mania contest wants you to send in an unedited/#nofilter photo from a OnePlus and tag @oneplustech on Instagram.

The one winner will be selected from the community from the 10 top liked on Instagram.

Source: Your OnePlus Story | Photo Mania 2015

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