[Review] BeeWi - Smart LED Color Bulb (Must have)

BeeWi is a company that's in the habit of bringing new life to your home with their smart tech. The Smart LED Color Bulb is no exception to that rule.

Our friends over at BeeWi thought we might want to check this product out. Similar to other light bulbs on the market BeeWi decided to see if they could bring in a different approach to lighting your house.

I'm going to play with their BBL227.

Like any smart device for your home, you'll need a few things in order to get it working. They suggest you get their SmartPad application from Google Play prior to screwing in the light bulb. Now, you'll need to find a suitable light socket to plug this bulb in and make sure to check that you have the proper light socket, specification for it as well.

This bulb supports 16 million colors, a temperature of 3000k to 6000k and life span of 20 years. It has adjustable brightness and include multi colored LED spectrum that can definitely change the mood of your place. All of this works on the basis of Bluetooth technology and the use of the SmartPad application.

Let's make a comparison with other LED smart bulb such as Cree and GE. Both equally good options, they however use more power than BeeWi. Cree LED Connected 60 Watt bulb uses 11.5W and the GE Link uses 12W and BeeWi using 6.7W for 50W bulb, but also providing more light than the other 2.

The box does make mention that you should be running Android 4.3+ with Bluetooth 4.0.

Now to retrofit most of my light bulbs with LED Bulbs like this and I'm set! I need 5 more of them babies and it's a party!

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