Tab S Lollipop update is rolling out

I was cruising around Google+ the ghost town and read the lollipop update is out for the Tab S. Hit the check update button and there it was! I've had Lollipop for quite awhile on my Z3C so I was interested to see what Samsung has done.

The update is about a gig and took a few minutes to download. My Tab S got quite warm but quickly cooled. After rebooting it was a typical Samsung upgrade. A colour change (can you say BRIGHT?) and a few differences but definitely not the huge annoying change it was on my phone. This is great for a person who wants things to work the same only better after an update.

Speaking of changes, the white theme is here so all the backgrounds are light. The device feels like it's running faster even with all the animations and there's better storage management. The multi-window controls are updated to be a bar instead of the semi-circle it was. The different camera modes had gone away with a previous update but now they are back - yay! I actually use my Tab S camera because I like it better than the Z3C. Every time Samsung does a major OS update (ie KitKat to JellyBean) they change the size of the notification shade and they've done it again. I use the stock browser because I find it faster; it's been tweaked to make it easier to move through tabs.

I loved my Tab S the way it was and now it's even better.

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