HTC One M9 camera update supports RAW

Apparently now HTC One M9 users like to do it RAW... +Shaun Rioux will have to tell us how it works on the new M9 he just won.

But, yeah, so when I got the the M9 to review it immediately got a camera update for some better processing... or something.  I did my review, I liked the phone etc...

Then after I've sent it back to it's home there turns out to be another update available for the device; this time enabling RAW support for the camera.

Now, it's been a few years since I was really into photography, so I never really got into the whole RAW situation, but those that are still firing away are saying they wouldn't shoot anything else.
So, congrats to the M9 users; you now have the ability to shoot high quality shots that keeps as much information about the shot as possible, allowing you the widest array of editing options after the fact.  What's even better is that your gallery app will be able to view them too!

Will you be using RAW?  Do you shoot in RAW already?  The G4 will support it as well and I'm itching to give it a try