Jace Hernandez gives his account of using Android Auto

So, the early intrepid adopter of Android Auto in Canada has had a little time to play with his Pioneer AVH-4100NEX and has given his thoughts over at Medium.

+Jace Hernandez gives his thoughts and 'how to' on getting the Pioneer deck to include Android Auto and what's it really like.

Remember, Android Auto is only available to >5.0 (lollipop) phones.

Jace has done a great job writing up about what IS Android Auto.

At its heart, Android Auto acts like a Google/Android experience layer on top of Pioneer’s own infotainment experience
As well as 'how it works'
It’s meant to be beautiful ... keeping your attention away from your phone, but still connected to your world

Source:  https://medium.com/@jacehernandez/android-auto-in-canada-a-quick-hands-on-7f7972f8243e